Privacy Notice

The site will use industry standard practices to protect your personal information, but given the technical limitations, this site can not ensure that all private communications and other personal information will not be leaked by users of the privacy rules in ways not specified. This website is obliged under the relevant legal requirements to provide the user's personal information to the judiciary and government departments. When the user fails to fulfill their own obligations in accordance with the agreement signed service agreement with the website, the intermediary agreement or with other users of the site of the signing of the loan agreement, this site has the right to judge according to their own or with the transaction-related Other user's request to disclose the user's personal information and make comments, and to the public the above information.

Users of other user information

In the trading activities of the website, the user's authority to request additional personal information provided on this website users, except in accordance with the following conditions: (A) the user has sued breach other users activities on this website;
(B) other users about the user (including the trading relationship, a friend of this site registration) overdue principal and interest repayment of loans;
(C) This website is revoked business license, dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy or other users recover the loan principal and interest hinder the situation.
If the user overdue in transactions with other users of this website in unreturned loan principal and interest, other users of this site can be taken publish your personal information to your users recourse debt, but this site and other users of the behavior of the exemption.


Users shall not use the Service or any other e-mail forwarding service provided by this website or send out spam content may violate other laws and regulations, social ethics and the Website User Agreement or Privacy rules.
If you use this service to send out an e-mail to the site is not registered in the e-mail address on this site, this site in addition to using this email address other than the user's e-mail issue will not be used for any other purpose. This site does not rent or sell these email addresses. State Chinese business loan network is not stored permanently email message or e-mail address.

 Security account information

The user must in all acts of the user's own user name used on this site, passwords, registered e-mail and other security settings have taken charge of, and therefore, there is no obligation to keep this website user's registration information.

Rule changes

This website may from time to time in accordance with the views and needs of users of this website to modify this privacy rules to accurately reflect the information collected on this site and disclosure practices. All modifications of the rules on this site to prepare before the commencement date of at least thirty (30) day notice published on modifying the site.